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Amed & Tulamben Beach

Amed and Tulamben are alternative destinations in East Bali. Amed is a resort town that harks back to the early days in Kuta. Simple losmens and a couple of good, small hotels sit along the shady, grey sand beach. Snorkelling is popular in Amed. Tulamben is even quieter, but favourite with local divers. A shipwreck and a drop off, that is accessible from the beach, offer easy access to a colourful underwater world. Dive courses for all levels are often conducted at Tulamben, and the single resort, Mimipi's, has wonderful facilities for anyone who wants to be based here.

Hotels on the Beach Front of Amed and Tulamben Beach:

Map of Amed and Tulamben:
Amed & Tulamben Map

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